ADA Price Will Surprise the Traders! “Cardano Summer” Will Be a Hit!


With a slew of potential upgrades looming for Cardano, Lark Davis believes ADA will surprise traders this summer with its performance and bullish character. These 3 reasons may be the potential game-changer for ADA price in the upcoming months.




The Cardano ERC-20 converter is getting close to completing its test net. This will allow Ethereum developers to simply convert their projects to Cardano and swap their ERC-20 tokens, saving money and gaining other benefits. 

YouTube influencer and crypto analyst Lark Davis says:

“I think you will see a lot of projects rushing to integrate with Cardano, in the same way we’ve seen projects rush to integrate with Binance Smart Chain, or with Polygon.”

Smart Contracts:

As the long-awaited launch of the Cardano ecosystem approaches, excitement is growing. Smart contracts on the mainnnet are nearing completion, and the Alonzo hard fork, according to Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, will be the turning point. 

Cardano’s Pioneer Testnnet, he claims, will be launched soon. This will last four to six weeks, after which there will be a “feature freeze” by the end of June. During this time of freezing, a hard fork will occur, allowing smart contracts to be activated on the main net. 

Cardano has launched the Plutus Pioneer Program, which will train over 1,000 developers to write decentralized applications according to Hoskinson.

According to Davis,

Cardano is ready to freakin’ explode. In fact, it actually hit a new all-time high in price the other day.But I think that we could be in for a bit of a Cardano summer, so to speak, with loads of new applications launching in anticipation of the smart-contract launch on Cardano.”

Institutional Interest:

Davis also believes that institutions are starting to look beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum and that hedge funds and other financial institutions are exploring for proof-of-stake blockchains, which are cleaner and more ecologically friendly.


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