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Bitcoin-related services continue to expand, as the price of the largest cryptocurrency have recently reached all-time highs. As compared to several years ago, now there are numerous ways to gain exposure to BTC, but at the same time, use it for purchases, or as funding to trade other leading asset classes such as FX, stocks, indices, or commodities.

Given this is a useful benefit for crypto fans with an interest in the wider financial markets, it will be worthwhile to explore how easyMarkets, a popular brokerage, has made that possible, as well as some of the key benefits it offers when trading with Bitcoin.

The growing Bitcoin demand

Since October 2020, PayPal, one of the largest fintech companies in the world, had started to allow Bitcoin buying and selling, at first for US customers, then it continued to expand the offer. More recently, it had announced that users can withdraw BTC from their PayPal account, creating more incentives to use its service, as compared to traditional exchange platforms.

In tandem, more brands had started to accept Bitcoin as payment for their services and at the same time, institutional flows had been moving into this market, creating a rapid surge in demand and rapidly rising valuations. Adoption of Bitcoin is are now entering the world of CFD trading, and online broker easyMarkets turns out to be one of the pioneers.

Using a trading account denominated in BTC

Thanks to easyMarkets, it is now possible to get involved in hundreds of CFDs based on shares, indices, metals, currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities, using a trading account denominated in Bitcoin. The µBTC account incorporates all the benefits associated with the traditional account features, including innovative tools such as Freeze Rate, protection features such as dealCancellation, and fixed spreads. Additionally, the µBTC account from easyMarkets allows the owner to deposit Bitcoin and use it as collateral to open trades.

Available for the easyMarkets platform & app, as well as for Metatrader 4, the trading account makes it possible to trade the most liquid CFDs in the world, with no slippage, negative balance protection, guaranteed risk management tools, and a simple account opening process convenient even for beginners.

An increasing number of people view Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and store hold of value, which had incentivized them to keep their holdings in BTC, as compared to traditional fiat. Since brokerages continue to expand their services and are now including crypto, using the most popular cryptocurrency for various activities had been enabled.

Main benefits in trading with BTC

With hundreds of millions of active Bitcoin wallets globally, and an increased awareness of Bitcoin, trading in the financial markets by using this crypto had become convenient for many users. There won’t be any fees related to crypto-fiat exchange, the transfer can be processed quickly, and traders will keep a high level of privacy, due to the blockchain features.

For the time being, Bitcoin is trading around $35,000, still a solid figure, despite a recent setback. The high valuation combined with all the benefits associated with digital assets can make BTC a suitable choice, as compared to traditional fiat.

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