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Fintech platform DAWINKS has completed two consecutive sellouts for its Dawin Token IEO on ProBit Global with listing on secondary markets fueling price appreciation to a high of 2.3X IEO price.

DAWINKS implements blockchain to provide convenient cryptocurrency payments, currency exchange, and overseas remittances through features including DTM (Digital autoTeller Machine) kiosks at physical locations will also accommodate crypto-fiat exchange service.

Digital payment exchange currency (DPEC) will alleviate the current inconveniences facing expatriates and tourists with an array of global services including efficient remittances and convenient exchange services.

DPEC Global made its South Korean debut following the signing of an MOA with the Busan Economic Promotion Agency. The city of Busan was designated a blockchain zone by the government in 2019 as part of the government’s wider initiative of setting up regulatory sandboxes.

The platform supports robust KYC and AML preventative measures that are also incorporated into their physical PoS and ATM services. ComboScan is a key feature being developed to provide ID and passport identity theft prevention mechanisms.

DAWINKS recently signed an MOU with Singaporean digital asset platform DaFIN to continue their pursuit of the cryptocurrency ATM market while also revealing their plans to roll out overseas remittance and currency exchange capabilities across digital ATMs in H2 2021.


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Based on DWT, users of the DPEC platform can conveniently and safely use various services such as online/offline product purchase, payment, currency exchange to flat currency, exchange between cross-currencies, and Pay, and have a more convenient and safe financial life by exchanging between DWTs or payment of transaction using a Smart Contract provided by the Ethereum blockchain.


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