LINK Price Plunged Slightly, Will BAT Price & MATIC Price Explode In Coming Days?


The Chainlink price has been beholding swings with constant highs and lows. However, the last week witnessed this cryptocurrency move in a fall in a bearish trap. The price dipped even below $24 the day before, making it appear unfavourable. But in the last 24 hours, the price movements kick-started with some bulls in hand. In the early hours, it moved near $32 touching on a new high. But shortly, the price began to drop towards $30.


link chart

At the time of typing, the LINK price is seen at $29.4 which is a crucial pull from $32. In the early hours, the price fell twice. The first occurrence was from $32 to $31. After short notice, it fell from the preceding value to $29. Keeping this in mind, the coming hours may witness a price dip and movements may be seen near $28 or even below. Contrastly, if the trends undo, then Chainlink may resume with the bullish movement. 

Technical specifications 

  • The resistance value is $ 30.5
  • The support value is $ 29.2
  • The indicators point out a strong buy signal

BAT Price Flips Into A Bearish Trap

The Basic Attention token price is seen rolling between its lowest range of $0.65 to $0.75 for the past few days. However, previously the price was dipping continuously from its $0.95 mark. Trying to push down its setbacks, BAT surged for a while near $0.75 but failed to sustain the trend.

bat chart

At the time of typing, the BAT price is seen at $0.72, and is set to drop further. In the early hours, the price soared beyond $0.75. When it was highly expected to set off with a bullish note, the price movement overturned and started falling gradually. If this continues, the price may fall even near $0.70 or $0.67 in the coming hours. However, there are chances for BAT to also lift its head up and sail up towards $0.75 again.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 0.77
  • The support value is $ 0.73
  • The indicators point out a mild buying pressure.

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Polygon, a significant player in the current times is also facing obstacles like the other currencies. For the past days, the Polygon price was seen moving in a narrow channel between $1.8 and $1.9. During this action, the price even dipped near $1.75. But the price deviated from this range and soared above $1.9 today. But currently signals switched and the price has begun to fall.

matic chart

At the time of typing, the MATIC price is seen at $1.83. In the early hours, the price soared and was seen sailing near $1.95. It was anticipated that MATIC will reach $2 today and further surge approaching a new yearly high. But abruptly, the price began to set towards the bearish trend. In the coming hours, the price may move down further up to $1.75. However, if MATIC makes the bulls into play, it may be seen moving towards $2 and furthermore.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 1.95
  • The support value is $ 1.87
  • The indicators point out a dull buy signal.


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