MATIC price loses momentum, CUMMIES and BNB prices dipping?

MATIC Price Begins to See Setback for the Day

In the last week, Polygon, a trending cryptocurrency, was travelling within a decent range of $1.8 and $1.9. Commencing the week, it hit $2.03 and tripped into this range. However, closing the week, the price dropped significantly to $1.6. Unable to overcome the bearish trend, the price was pulled down further near $1.45 in the last 24 hours. However, earlier today, it grabbed a bullish candle and raised to $1.72. When the price was sought to rally further, it started dipping.



At the time of typing, the MATIC price is at $1.642. In contrast, the price was moving from $1.67 to $1.72 in the early hours today. But currently the trends are reversed and the price is stumbling. Considering current movement, the price might drop and sail near $1.6 in the coming hours. If the bulls regain the trend line, the price will mount from the current point racing to a new high for the day.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance levels are at $ 0.116
  • The support levels are at $ 0.10
  • The indicators point out towards a mild buy signal

CUMMIES Price Approaching its Nearest Low

The Cumrocket price was seen wavering, without falling into a proper channel for the past few days. Resuming today’s trade, the price quickly surged from $0.1145 to $0.129. Not sooner did this happen, Cumrocket lost its bullish momentum and began collapsing. With a trading volume of $6,295,083 the price dropped first to $0.127 and slid downwards from there. However, the volume declined to $5,554,536 and the price surged slightly to $0.112. Showing that the movements are unstable, the price is  linear now and to flip bearish again.


At the time of writing, the CUMMIES price striked at $0.10 with a volume of $5,270,722.1. Currently the price is moving downwards and might sail at this point for a while. It might move anywhere near $0.99 in the coming hours. It is because the CUMMIES trend pattern indicates a substantial downfall post a slight surge. On the flip side, the price may also swap into an uptrend if some bullish candles accumulate. 

Technical Specifications

  • The resistance levels are at $ 1.68
  • The support levels are at $ 1.61
  • The indicators point out towards a buy signal

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BNB Price Deviates From the $400 Mark

Last week, Binance managed to hit the $400 and started surging from there, doing exceptionally well. It even hit $425 in this due course. However, the bulls did not rally past this point and the Binance price started falling the other side. The last few days, the price moved only at $398 and below. However, today it again resumed to the $400 mark with a bullish candle in hand. But currently, the price again tripped into its previous range.


At the time of typing, the BNB coin price stumbled near $395.33. In the early hours the price soared back to $405.4 but with the stagnant bears, it fell again. Currently the price is sailing at $395 mark, with a bullish candle in cand, if it closes at low, the coming hours can see a downtrend near $390. On the other hand, if the candle closes higher it might set back to $400 and higher.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance levels are at $ 398.88
  • The support levels are at $ 386.31
  • The indicators are currently swiped from sell to neutral.

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