MATIC Price Trends Within Falling Wedge, Diminishing the Chances Of A Rebound

Polygon network releases its own blockchain explorer ‘polyscan’ powered by etherscan intending to provide a fast and scalable explorer. Polyscan aims to support high transactions of about 7 million per day and hence give a bigger boost for MATIC price.


Moreover, Polygon is all set to launch a DApp on polygon which would make it much easier for the developers. Also, the end-users can enjoy the best possible experience using their favourite DApp.

On the contrary, if we consider the performance of the entire month MATIC price is among the assets gained with a certain number. Whereas the majority of the cryptos in the space recorded losses in the same time frame. 

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Considering the current price trend, the MATIC price is trending within a falling wedge which is condensing offlet. The range is minimizing and the probability of the price breaking the upper barriers appears to be high. As the price is consolidating above certain levels throughout the day, a massive breakout appears imminent. 

matic falling wedge

Previously, when the price followed a rising wedge and reached its all-time high, a steep downtrend initiated thereon. However, the bullish narrative is only valid if the price successfully breaks the upper resistance at $1.52. After massive selling pressure for the past consecutive days, green candles appear to showcase a probable uptrend on the way.

Therefore, with the release of polyscan, the MATIC price may also be impacted in a positive way. Moreover, if the Polygon platform provides a wider space for the development of the decentralized ecosystem, the Polygon price may also revisit its ATH too. 

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